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Expert Tips on How To Insulate Ductwork in Crawl Spaces

how to insulate ductwork in crawl space

Crawl spaces are common in homes across Georgia. They provide easy access to your plumbing and electrical systems. The open space also means better ventilation for the living areas above.

However, crawl spaces can also be problematic. They are usually damp, making them a haven for pest activity and mold growth. Thus, many homeowners insulate and finish their crawl space to prevent these issues. Unfortunately, many ignore the ductwork running through the space, leading to efficiency issues.

Anthem Insulation & Home, the leading crawl space insulation services provider in Atlanta, GA, discusses how to insulate ductwork in crawl spaces in this post.

The Benefits of Insulating Ductwork in Your Crawlspace

Some of the advantages of insulating the ductwork in your crawlspace include the following.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Crawl spaces are generally prone to extreme temperature variations. This has a knock-on effect on the conditioned air flowing through your duct system.

With adequate insulation, you won’t lose some of the cooled air from your air conditioner in the summer months or the hot air from your furnace in the winter. This lowers the strain on your HVAC systems and lowers your energy bills.

Enhanced Comfort

Since insulating the ducts running through your crawl space reduces the risk of losing conditioned air from your heating and cooling systems to the outdoors, you can enjoy more consistent temperatures and increased comfort across your home.

Lower Risk of Mold Infestation

Insulating your duct system reduces the risk of mold spores getting into your air ducts on the off chance that mold growth starts to spread across your crawl space. Keeping the mold growth contained within the crawl space means easier remediation. It’s also great for your family’s health.

Longer HVAC System Lifespan

Your air conditioner and furnace system will last longer if they aren’t always working too hard to compensate for the conditioned air lost directly and indirectly to the crawl space. You can enjoy your investment for longer, and you won’t spend excessively on repairs either.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Insulating your air ducts doesn’t just mean keeping out mold spores. It also means keeping out dust and other contaminants. This makes your indoor air healthier for everyone inside.

How To Insulate Ductwork in Crawl Spaces

Are you ready to take on this important home improvement project? Here are the top tips to guide you.

Decide on the Insulation Method

You have two main approaches for insulating the ductwork in your crawl space. You can either wrap and seal or use encapsulation approaches.

The former is as simple as it sounds. You just need to wrap insulation material around the duct and seal off seams with HVAC foil tape or standard duct tape.

Encapsulation is a bit more complicated and best left to experienced professionals. In this process, the insulation expert will use open or closed-cell spray foam insulation to form a tight barrier around your ductwork.

Gather the Insulation Material

If you choose to insulate the ducts with the wrap and seal method, the next step is to choose the insulation material to use. Fiberglass insulation is a common option, but it’s harder to work with when it comes to insulating your duct system.

The best options are duct insulation wrap and reflective insulation. They are easy to install and can provide a protective barrier against temperature fluctuations.

Seal the Duct

Insulating a duct system with leaks in it is just like painting over old, chipped paint. You’ll still have the same problems you’re trying to avoid in the first place, even if to a lesser extent. So, check the duct for leaks and seal off all joints and connections using mastic sealant or other such solutions.

Prepare the Work Environment

The crawl space is a confined space. You have to carefully prepare the area for your own safety. Some of the things you can do include removing nails, wood pieces, and or hanging wire that may cause injury as you move around the space during the project. You should also remove all obstructions around the area to give you more space to move around.

Cut the Insulation Wraps to Size

Measure the circumference of the ductwork in your crawl space, then cut the wraps to match that size. Add a couple of extra inches while cutting the wrap to ensure a complete overlap. It’s better to have the wrap slightly wider or longer than to find the width or length insufficient to go over the ductwork.

Cut enough of the wraps to cover your air ducts before you get started on the project and keep the stack close. This will help reduce how much time you’ll spend going back and forth.

Remove the Duct Hanging Brackets

You have to remove the brackets holding your ductwork in place to install the insulation material. Use a cordless drill to remove the screw from the joist, then take off the bracket. Put the screws away safely, preferably in a small container, as it’s easy for them to get missing in the tight crawl space.

Wrap the Ductwork

With everything in place, you can wrap the ducts using the insulation material. Pay attention to ensure the backing material is facing upward. Overlap the material and then hold everything together with aluminum duct tape.

Repeat the process throughout the length of the duct system.

Secure the Ducts

When you’re done with installing the ductwork insulation, screw the brackets back into their position. Finally, use some duct tape to seal off the screw area.

Get Expert Help With Your Crawl Space Ductwork Insulation Project 

Do you need more guidance on how to insulate ductwork in crawl spaces? Do you need help with the process? Turn to the team at Anthem Insulation & Home. They understand that crawl space insulation is challenging for the average homeowner. Their expert technicians are always on hand to help you avoid the risky and labor-intensive process of properly insulating your ductwork. They can use all types of insulation materials, including mineral wool.

Call Anthem Insulation & Home in Atlanta, GA, today to discuss your crawl space ductwork insulation needs.

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