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Woodstock, GA Wildlife Prevention

If rodents, and other critters are nesting in your Woodstock home’s insulation, you need Anthem Insulation & Home’s wildlife prevention services right away—call us today.


Why would wildlife prevention be necessary? Well, Georgia has a diverse state ecosystem with all manner of creatures thriving in the area. Unfortunately, smaller creatures often seek shelter and breeding grounds in the walls and crawl spaces of Woodstock’s homes and other buildings, including bats, rats, snakes, and raccoons.

Infestations pose health threats and cause property damage, including where wildlife has invaded your walls or other parts of your home. Anthem Insulation & Home offers affordable wildlife prevention alongside our other services, with over a decade of experience. We use safe, humane, and effective methods to help homeowners in Woodstock, GA, remove pests from their properties.

Do you have unwanted guests damaging your wall and floor insulation? Anthem Insulation & Home can remove the problem and then replace the compromised home insulation.

Woodstock’s Wildlife Removal and Prevention Service

When members of the community call us for dependable wildlife prevention services, Anthem Insulation & Home immediately sends a Georgia DNR licensed professional to your address. The team will do a thorough assessment of your Woodstock property to reveal the nests and entry points, developing a trapping and sanitization plan to remove the pests completely.

Once your home is clear, our professionals then focus on installing systems that will stop the wildlife or pests from returning. We typically accomplish this by blocking the entry points with wire screens and sealing nesting areas with repellant foam.

Rodent Signs To Look Out For In Woodstock, GA

Even a fan of wildlife does not want an army of rodents nesting around their home in Woodstock. Did you know that rats, squirrels, and other small creatures cause about 30,000 home fires each year? These rodents also damage a building’s structure, steal food, chew through fabric and furniture, and spread diseases.

Do you suspect a rodent infestation? Call us for wildlife prevention services in Woodstock if you notice these signs:

  • Tiny droppings around your home, especially near the pantry
  • Animal odors coming from hard-to-reach areas of your home
  • Chewed holes in food packaging
  • Gnawing marks around window frames or electrical wires
  • Squeaking or scurrying sounds in walls, ceilings, or floors

How to Keep Pests Out Of Your Woodstock Home

How can you prevent an infestation? By making your home less attractive to rodents and other pests.

  • Keep crawl spaces, attics, basements, and other dark places dry and clean
  • Perform routine roof inspections for holes and water damage
  • Use a garbage container with a secure lid and empty it frequently
  • Cover openings around exhaust fans and vents
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Weather-strip your windows, doors, and other rodent entry points

Our crawl space services are an excellent resource to keep pests at bay—ask us how it works.

Why Choose Us?

Anthem Insulation & Home aims for 100% customer satisfaction with every project, and the quality of our delivery is consistent. We promise that our polite and well-trained wildlife prevention teams will complete the job on time and uphold our ‘leave no mess behind’ policy.

Are you a veteran or first responder? Get 10% off your next service when you call us. Call 770-354-5005 today for Anthem Insulation & Home’s top wildlife prevention solutions in Woodstock, GA.

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    Joseph Orndoff

    The insulation in our attic has been poor for years (even the inspector mentioned it needed work) and finally called to get it improved. Anthem showed up same day to inspect, gave us a quote, and came back the same week to complete the job. They were in and out and very courteous. Highly recommend.

    Alisa Walker

    We had a great experience with Anthem insulation. They were friendly, courteous, professional and quick to respond every time I reached out. We had some additional insulation blown into our attic. The workers were on time and efficient. The price was also less than the other bid I got. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for insulation.

    Terry Smith

    We absolutely would recommend Anthem Insulation! They were prompt, professional, and left no mess. Some of the nicest gentlemen you ever met. Our home feels so different, it's much warmer throughout. I can't wait to see the change in our gas bill. Thank you Anthem. Job well done.