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Spray foam is the most effective way to insulate any surface in any setting by far. The two types of spray foam insulation both share the properties of being continuous, air impermeable, and moisture resistant. Spray foams can be used in every building or home insulation application. The R-Value per inch of spray foam varies from 4-7 depending on which type of spray foam you are using. When both products are being installed properly they can achieve the same insulating properties, but each foam can serve a different purpose beyond insulation. When moving forward with your home or building insulation project it is important you are choosing the right contractor as well as the right foam.

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Open cell spray foam is a combination of two chemical components in a hose at a high temperature that reacts with the air around it to form larger pockets of air within the open cell spray foam. Open cell spray foam holds an R-value of roughly 4 per inch and is an air impermeable continuous insulation product. Open cell spray foam is used on wooden surfaces as opposed to metal, stone, and brick due to its sponge like properties when cured. Although more dense than more traditional building insulation, it is less dense than its closed cell spray foam counterpart. This makes it less resistant to moisture making it more ideal for areas such as your attic’s roof line so you are able to detect any leaks or damages that may occur to a roof structure from the outside before they become too serious.The main reason open cell spray foam is so great at insulating is that it is continuous, and no air will penetrate through open cell spray foam wherever it is applied.


Closed cell spray foam is a combination of two chemical components in a hose at a high temperature that react to the chemicals within itself creating smaller air pockets within the closed cell spray foam. This results in a high density, air impermeable, continuous, and moisture resistant insulating product. Closed cell spray foam is used on any metal and stone surfaces to prevent leaky walls, sweating walls, and even water entry to areas such as a crawl space. Closed cell spray foam is water resistant as opposed to open cell spray foam. The main reason closed cell spray foam is so great at insulating is that it is continuous, and no air will penetrate through closed cell spray foam wherever it is applied. Closed cell spray foam holds an R-Value of 7 per inch due to its high density and is well known for its ability to provide up to 300% higher racking strength when installed in buildings and homes walls compared to traditional insulating materials. Remember that insulation is only as effective as the contractors hired to install it!

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    Joseph Orndoff

    The insulation in our attic has been poor for years (even the inspector mentioned it needed work) and finally called to get it improved. Anthem showed up same day to inspect, gave us a quote, and came back the same week to complete the job. They were in and out and very courteous. Highly recommend.

    Alisa Walker

    We had a great experience with Anthem insulation. They were friendly, courteous, professional and quick to respond every time I reached out. We had some additional insulation blown into our attic. The workers were on time and efficient. The price was also less than the other bid I got. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for insulation.

    Terry Smith

    We absolutely would recommend Anthem Insulation! They were prompt, professional, and left no mess. Some of the nicest gentlemen you ever met. Our home feels so different, it's much warmer throughout. I can't wait to see the change in our gas bill. Thank you Anthem. Job well done.