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5 Reasons to Call a Crawl Space Insulation Company

crawl space insulation

If you grew up in a home with a crawl space, you may have imagined spooky things living deep in its dark recesses. Perhaps you pictured a boogeyman or some other monster. As you’ve aged, you’ve (probably) outgrown those fears. However, your home’s crawl space does come with certain things to be wary of. This article will walk you through 5 compelling reasons to hire a crawl space insulation company. 

Keep reading to shed light on the dark space beneath your home. 

1. Improves Home’s Air Quality

The first reason to insulate your crawl space is to improve the air quality in your home. By adding crawl space insulation, fewer allergens and unfiltered air can enter your home.

Additionally, when your crawl space insulation service crew comes, they’ll seal off the space to rodents and other unwanted guests. Rodents leave fecal matter and urine which, over time, work their way into the air supply and can cause illness.

2. Reduces Moisture Levels

Depending on where you live, moisture in levels in the air can pose a threat to your home. High moisture levels contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. Excess moisture in the crawl space eventually makes mold growth more likely even up to the attic. 

A crawl space insulation service includes laying down a vapor barrier. That prevents moisture from the exposed earth from accumulating in your home. 

3. Saves You Money

Without insulation in your crawl space, air seeps in and out of cracks. Insulation like spray foam keeps the air you’ve paid to heat or cool in the house. This means your air conditioning doesn’t have to run as often. 

Less use of the air conditioning unit translates into more money in your wallet! 

4. Conserves Energy

If reducing your carbon footprint is a priority to you, insulating your crawl space is one way to accomplish that goal. As mentioned above, once your crawl space is insulated, you won’t have to run your A/C as much. So, if you’re saving 15% on your utility bill, that means you’re consuming 15% less energy. 

You can find other energy-saving home maintenance tips here.

5. Increases Comfort

Finally, you’ll feel more comfortable in your home. No one likes the feeling of freezing toes as you walk around your house. With added insulation, your home will maintain its cozy temperature and reduce draftiness. 

Add Crawl Space Insulation Today! 

With this many benefits, it only makes sense to add crawl space insulation to your home. Enjoy the coziness and peace of mind that added insulation brings. If you live in Woodstock, GA, or the surrounding areas and are about to Google “crawl space insulation near me” save yourself the hassle and check out Anthem Insulation & Home. 

We’re a top-rated home insulation company and can help you with your insulation needs from down in the crawl space all the way up to your attic. Contact us today for a complimentary inspection!   

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