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7 Incredible Benefits of Attic Insulation

attic insulation

Attics are great for storage space and installing HVAC ducts systems. In some cases, homeowners have had success turning them into additional bedrooms. However, attic spaces won’t work well at any of these roles if they don’t have attic insulation.

Insulation provides a protective barrier between your home and the outside world. Even though your attic may be enclosed, there are always going to be unknown cracks and holes that leave it exposed. The different types of attic insulation used to seal these openings include fiberglass, spray foam insulation, batting, and mineral wool. 

Here are seven benefits of attic insulation service and why it’s worth the investment. 

1. Retain Temperature

One of the main benefits of attic insulation is its ability to prevent the transfer of heat. Warm air naturally rises, which is why attics tend to run hot during the summer. The same rule applies when you run a heater in your home. 

However, if your attic isn’t well-insulated, then the hot air you’re hoping will spread throughout the house can escape. There may be openings in your roof that you aren’t aware of. The heat can also transfer through the materials that make up your roof. 

Additionally, attic insulation will keep hot air outside of your home during the summer while you blast the indoor AC. It’ll stay cooler for longer before you need to run the AC again. 

2. Lowers Your Energy Bill

It’s always annoying when you run your AC for a few hours only to discover an open window. That open window leaked out all of your cool air, which means you’ll need to keep running your system to accomplish anything. 

An attic that hasn’t been insulated is like an open window. Air can get out through the joints and any other small openings. 

If your home’s indoor temperature is stable, then that means you won’t have to run your HVAC system as often. Not needing to run your system means you won’t be wasting money on it. While it won’t be as drastic as shutting an open window, you’ll definitely notice a difference in your energy bill over time. 

3. Improved Air Quality

Installing attic insulation is one of the ways you can improve your indoor air quality. There are always pollutants in the air, regardless of where you live. They may be dirt, smoke, pollen, or mold floating around. 

Your attic can easily collect any of these pollutants, which will then spill down into the rest of your home when someone travels up there. Attic insulation can keep airborne pollutants out, as well as prevent outside smells like smoke from getting inside. 

4. Protects the Environment

Since insulation helps reduce your need to run your HVAC systems, it also means that you’ll rely less on electricity. Reducing your energy use is generally a good thing for environmentalists. It means a smaller carbon footprint, which means less atmospheric pollution. 

If you want to opt for a more eco-friendly option, ask your local insulation technician about insulation alternatives. Fiberglass is somewhat eco-friendly and can contain around 20% recycled content. Mineral wool is another recycled material made from recycled smelting slag. 

5. Prevents Moisture

Moisture can get into your attic through a few different ways, such as rain, snow, ice, and condensation.

The main types of precipitation get into your attic space through any cracks in the structure. In some cases, snow and ice can damage the roof’s exterior and gain access to the inside of your home. Insulation acts as a preventative measure until you can properly seal it back up. 

Condensation forms in your attic due to moisture in heated air that rises up. That moisture causes mold growth, which can prove harmful to anyone in the house. Insulate your attic to prevent condensation from entering in the first place. 

6. Keeps Out Pests

Some attic insulation helps deter pests from getting into your home. Steel wool is one type of fabric that’s commonly used to fill gaps and holes to keep mice and other pests out. If your problem is termites, then look for termite-resistant foam insulation. 

Keep in mind that not all insulation prevents unwanted guests. Mice often build nests in older insulation during the colder months. As such, you’ll want to change out your insulation if it’s been more than 15 years or if you suspect there are pests inside it.

Your local home insulation services often deal with pests and can help manage your infestation while installing preventative measures. 

7. Reduce Noise

An attic insulation service is a great option if your roof lets through a lot of noise from sources such as rain and wind. Your house’s roof can also make a lot of noises on its own, including timbers expanding or contracting. 

To soundproof your attic, you’ll want to install a dense, heavy material like drywall or fiberboard. Soft materials like fiberglass also work to a lesser extent.

One of the side benefits of isolating the sound in your attic is the ability to use it as an additional room.

With the combination of heat retention, keeping pests out, and reducing the sound of footsteps, you can do much more than use your attic to store items. 

Call Your Local Attic Insulation Company

Attic insulation is essential for protecting your attic space and the rest of your home. However, there’s no guarantee that your home has insulation installed. If it does, it’s possibly old and needs replacing. 

Your local attic insulation company can inspect your attic and make sure your insulation is up to date. 

Anthem Insulation & Home provides expert work in the Atlanta and Northwest Georgia areas. We do insulation installation, removal, and wildlife prevention. 

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