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Adding Insulation When Replacing a Roof in Woodstock: What You Need to Know

adding insulation when replacing a roof

Replacing the roof is a major expense for homeowners. Adding insulation when replacing a roof can save money on energy bills. If your roof needs replacement due to leaks, chances are your existing insulation has sustained damage. 

Anthem Insulation & Home provides top-quality attic insulation in Woodstock, GA. They offer insulation removal and replacement in the Atlanta area. Below, the team explains everything you need to know about adding insulation when replacing your roof.

Damaged Insulation

It’s easy to forget about your attic insulation, especially if you only use your attic to store seasonal decor. However, extreme heat and cold can compromise the quality of your insulation over time. 

Roof damage is a major contributor to insulation damage. When you notice a water spot on your ceiling, water has penetrated not only the roof but the insulation as well before revealing itself inside your home.

By the time you notice a roof leak, it has already compromised the insulation. When moisture comes in contact with insulation, it significantly impairs thermal performance. If certain areas of your home seem to always feel cold, you could need new insulation.

Proper insulation can significantly lower your energy bills. When your home has proper insulation, your heating unit will bring your home to the desired temperature and keep it there without wasting money.

Wet insulation can also promote mold growth. Undetected mold infestation in your insulation can advance to your walls and interior foundation. Mold infestation can cause health problems and may need mold remediation to fully eradicate.

Simultaneous Roof and Insulation Installation

Adding insulation when replacing a roof makes sense because professionals often have to remove part of the roof to install insulation anyway. Damaged insulation doesn’t benefit you in any way. Replacing damaged insulation when replacing your roof makes good financial sense.

A professional insulation contractor has knowledge of the necessary building codes in your state and can install the best type of insulation in your attic for maximum energy efficiency.

Some types of insulation a professional may install include:

  • Blown-in insulation covers hard-to-reach areas due to its small nature. The small bits of fiberglass can cover areas other types of insulation may miss. Thorough insulation coverage contributes to lower energy bills.
  • Spray foam adheres to your roof instead of the attic floor. It prevents exposure to fiberglass insulation but obstructs ventilation. Spray foam is a good choice if you solely use your attic for storage.
  • Batt insulation comes in large, fluffy plank-size pieces. It attaches to the attic walls and provides a thick layer of insulation.

A consultation with a trusted professional will help you determine which type of insulation is best for your space.

Professional Roofing Contractor in Woodstock

You should always contact a professional about adding insulation when replacing a roof. When your skin comes in contact with fiberglass insulation, it can cause irritation and fiberglass splinters.

Anthem Insulation & Home is the best place in Woodstock, GA, to call for removing old pieces of insulation and replacing them with new insulation.

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