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Does Attic Insulation Help Cool Your Woodstock Home in the Summer?

does attic insulation help in summer

Attic insulation is essential for blocking tiny holes and gaps under the roof that could result in substantial air leakage. Though people often assume insulation is necessary for keeping buildings warm in the winter, they might ask themselves, “Does attic insulation help in summer months?” 

As Woodstock’s professional attic insulation team, Anthem Insulation & Home knows how insulation can help keep a home cool. See what they have to say about the answer to this question below. 

How Insulation Works

Attic insulation is available in several materials, like fiberglass insulation in batts and rolls and sprayable foam insulation that seals even the smallest gaps. It’s an essential feature in buildings throughout Woodstock because it helps trap hot air indoors in the winter and cool air indoors in the summer.

The result of adequate insulation is year-round indoor comfort. The attic insulation will help regulate indoor temperatures, which prevents the HVAC system from overworking to compensate for the air loss. 

The Stack Effect and Summer Temperatures

People in Woodstock often think they need insulation solely to keep their homes warm in the winter. Without insulation, the heat a furnace produces and the chilly outdoor air will cause warmth to rise up and exit through gaps in the roof. If there is no heat to trap at the top of the house, the rest of the house will feel cold, not warm. That is the stack effect.

So, does attic insulation help in summer months? Yes, it does because the stack effect happens in reverse. When it’s hot outside, attic insulation prevents the roof from absorbing too much heat, which can radiate to living areas.

How Homes Benefit From Attic Insulation in the Summer

Your home will feel the effects of an air conditioner more easily with attic insulation, and it won’t overwork itself to produce desirable results, thanks to the stack effect. Still, you can enjoy other benefits of installing attic insulation to shield your home against air leaks, like the following:

  • Energy savings: Since attic insulation prevents conduction heating, warming your house from the sun bearing down on your roof, your AC unit will consume less energy to regulate temperatures. This can translate to monthly energy savings and fewer HVAC repairs due to wear. 
  • Enhanced indoor air quality: Sealing the gaps under a roof prevents airborne particles like pollen, smoke, and mold from entering the house.
  • Increased home value: Homebuyers value insulated houses more than uninsulated ones. 

Protect Your Home Against Air Leaks with Insulation Services From Anthem Insulation & Home

Now that you know the answer to “Does attic insulation help in summer months?” count on Anthem Insulation & Home to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient all year. As a top-rated residential insulation company in Woodstock, GA, they provide many quality insulation services using materials like spray foam, fiberglass, mineral wool, and batt insulation. Their skilled team can do any insulation job, from adding insulation when replacing a roof to providing crawl space services to protect the property against air leaks, mold, and moisture. Contact their team today for a consultation. 

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