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Does Insulation Help With Soundproofing Your Attic in Woodstock?

does insulation help with soundproofing

Adding insulation to your attic optimizes indoor temperatures, HVAC system performance, and more. But does insulation help with soundproofing?

Learn more below. Then, reach out to the best attic insulation company in Woodstock, Georgia, for professional attic insulation services.

Using Insulation for Soundproofing in Woodstock, Georgia

Main Types of Sound in Woodstock Homes

Typically, attic insulation can address the following two primary sound concerns:

  • Airborne noise: An airborne sound may come from traffic, construction, people, or any other outside commotion. It may also stem from music, televisions, computers, and sounds from people and pets inside the building.
  • Structural noise: A structure-based noise occurs when sounds bounce off your structure to echo off walls, doors, and windows.

While a bit of attic insulation may not completely eliminate all these possible noises, it still makes a significant impact.

How Insulation Helps Reduce Noise

So, how does insulation help with soundproofing? These materials stop sound from traveling from one area to another by absorbing the sound or sending it back in the direction it came from. 

Some property owners in Woodstock have reflective insulation. These products benefit the roofing above it and keep the interior cool, but they don’t act as a proper sound barrier. Fortunately, working with a trained insulation installer like Anthem Insulation & Home makes it easy to select a properly soundproof material instead.

Which Types of Insulation Has Soundproofing Qualities?

The best materials you can use for a potentially soundproof attic include foam, loose fill cellulose, and fiberglass insulation. 

  • Foam insulation is the costliest of three options and comes in open or closed-cell varieties. 
  • Recycled paper makes up the most affordable choice (cellulose insulation)
  • Fiberglass is affordable, but also extremely dependable. It’s made from plastic and glass, offering enough thickness to resist noise in almost any setting.

A local team like Anthem Insulation & Home can provide batt, spray foam, mineral wool, and fiberglass to help insulation reduce noise. The process starts with assessing your property’s needs and recommending an appropriate option that fits your budget. Why not consider which material fits your needs best and then reach out to the team for amazing soundproofing solutions in Woodstock?

Speak to Anthem Insulation & Home For Soundproof Attics and More in Woodstock, Georgia

Does insulation help with soundproofing in residential and commercial settings in Woodstock, Georgia? If it’s time to replace your insulation or install insulation for the first time, a local team like Anthem Insulation & Home is a great place to find effective and affordable insulation services for attic spaces and more. 

After ten years of helping the Woodstock community with some of the best home insulation services in the area, Anthem Insulation & Home’s expertise may prove invaluable. Plus, using top-notch brands like Owens Corning ensures superb results, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation.

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