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How Insulation Can Improve Home Air Quality

improve home air quality

Are you coughing and sneezing in your own home and think you might have poor air quality? Did you know that quality insulation can improve home air quality? Anthem Insulation & Home provides quality products and expert work for attic insulation services in Woodstock and the surrounding areas.

Types of Insulation

To understand how insulation can improve your indoor air quality, it helps to know the different types of insulation you can choose, such as:

  • Blanket insulation, most often made from fiberglass, remains the most common type of insulation.
  • Loose-fill insulation, also called blown-in insulation, works well in basements and attics, and technicians use a special tool to blow this cellulose-based material into your walls.
  • Concrete block insulation works well for exterior walls and uses polystyrene beads or foam.

Altogether, you can choose from nine different types of insulation for your home.

Reduces Allergens and Pollutants

Because it acts as a barrier between the outdoors and your home, insulation can greatly reduce allergens and pollutants in your home. You’re no stranger to the heat and humidity in the Southeast United States, and with this comes a host of year-round allergens like pollen, fungus, and bacteria that thrive in the environment.

Indoor Pollutants: Prevelancy and Problems

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend roughly 90% of their time indoors and the use of synthetic building materials has increased the concentration of indoor pollutants in recent decades. The most common sources of indoor air pollution include dust mites, carbon monoxide, asbestos, and mold. Therefore, without upgrading your insulation, you risk experiencing the following issues:

  • Eyes, nose, and throat irritation
  • Fatigue, headaches, and dizziness
  • Cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases
  • Reduced cognitive functions

When you consider the health risks that arise from poor air quality in your home, improving your insulation is a smart investment.

Prevents Moisture and Mold

One of the most important benefits of improving your insulation is that it helps prevent moisture from settling and mold from growing. Did you know standing water can start growing mold in as little as 24 hours? With the high humidity levels in Florida and Georgia, mold growth presents a year-round risk.

How does insulation prevent mold from growing in your home? First, it keeps the outdoor humidity from entering your home and settling in your walls. Not only can this moisture grow mold, but it can warp your furniture and make living in your home extremely uncomfortable.

Certain types of insulation, such as fiberglass, also prevent mold from growing because manufacturers create it from inorganic materials that can harm the mold. While mold can still grow on fiberglass insulation, the product makes it extremely difficult. When you upgrade your insulation, you’re safeguarding your family’s health against toxic mold. 

Improves Temperature Regulation

You should improve home air quality for more reasons than just protecting your health. One major factor experts use to measure indoor air quality is how much comfort your conditioned air gives you.

Your air conditioner should reduce the humidity to comfortable levels and maintain the temperature you set on your thermostat. However, insulation with a low r-value and poor ventilation can work against your HVAC system, especially in the summer heat. When you upgrade your insulation and improve ventilation in your home, you give your air conditioner the best chance of maintaining comfort.

Improved temperature regulation also has a secondary effect of reducing the pollutants entering your home. When your air conditioner can keep up with the heat and humidity, you’re less likely to open a window or your front door. While you might enjoy the cross breeze and the smell of the outdoors, doing so negates the protective capability of your insulation.

Reduces Harmful Emissions

Scientists have provided a wealth of documentation about the link between weatherization and indoor air quality. One powerful component of this connection is insulation’s ability to increase a home’s energy efficiency. Because good insulation acts as an effective barrier between exterior and interior air, it increases your home’s energy efficiency.

When your cold air stays inside longer, you run your air conditioner or heat pump less. You’ll love how much money good insulation saves you in the long term because your home cools down faster, stays comfortable longer, and you run your HVAC system less.

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Improving insulation is an environmental issue. Every time you use your air conditioner, you use electricity, which increases your carbon footprint and releases harmful emissions into the air. A poorly functioning air conditioner can also release hydrofluorocarbons into the air, which is a detrimental greenhouse gas.

You probably don’t run your furnace very often in Southeast Georgia, but when you do, it causes even more harmful emissions than running your air conditioner or heat pump. If you have heating or cooling systems that rely on natural gas, a leak could put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or an explosion. If you detect the smell of rotten eggs in your home, get out of the house immediately and call for help from a safe distance.

Enhances Comfort

The overall benefit of improving your home’s insulation and ventilation is that you’ll have increased comfort throughout your home. Consider upgrading your home’s insulation a long-term investment that will pay out dividends for years to come.

Better Sleep

One major cause of poor sleep is a warm or humid home. Because insulation enhances your comfort, it can also improve your sleep. 

Reduced Stress

Feeling uncomfortable in your home prevents you from resting and recuperating, which, over time, produces chronic stress. By helping you relax, improved insulation can reduce the overall stress in your life.

Improved Productivity

If you’re hot and sweating in your home, you won’t want to complete your daily tasks or repair broken things in your home. When insulation helps you stay comfortable, you remain productive.

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