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How to Find Air Leaks in Your Woodstock Attic

How to find air leaks in your attic

Are you struggling with cold temperatures and drafty conditions in your Woodstock home? If so, you’re not alone: Countless homeowners experience these issues, especially during winter. When you know how to find air leaks in an attic, you have a head start on improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Anthem Insulation & Home, the best choice for attic insulation in Woodstock, wrote this guide to help homeowners understand how to find air leaks in an attic.

Check Ceilings

Heat rises, so it makes sense to inspect your Woodstock home’s ceiling for leaks that let air escape into the attic. Essentially, you should inspect any fixture or item that could leak air from your home’s rooms into your attic. Check chimneys, flues, pipes, and attic hatches.

Within your attic, you’ll want to look for holes in your home’s ceiling. Even the tiniest cracks can cause air to escape. You can also try looking for dirty or contaminated insulation throughout your attic, as poor air quality often causes health hazards like mold and mildew accumulation.

Check Your Wiring Holes

Wiring holes are actually one of the most common culprits behind air leaks. These little holes around outlets, internet cables, and phone jacks can wreak havoc on your home’s air supply, sending air up and away into your attic. If you have any holes that could possibly be leaking air, you’ll want to seal them up as soon as you can.

Perform a Flame Test

If you aren’t sure how to find air leaks in the attic, reach for a candle or lighter to perform a flame test. This simple yet effective technique can help you determine if you have an air leak in your attic. Ignite your flame, and see where it blows; does it have a direction to it?

Your flame will blow depending on the direction the wind blows in your attic, which can lead you to the leak. Take proper safety precautions when performing this test, and avoid placing your flame near insulation, which may be flammable.

Plug the Gaps

Once you’ve identified the locations of any gaps in your attic, as well as the direction the air leaks are blowing, you’ll need to plug them. For this task, you can use caulking and foam insulation. Use a caulk gun on smaller leaks, typically those about 1/4 of an inch wide.

Spray foam insulation works better on larger leaks, as it can expand outwards to protect a larger surface area. If you’re not keen on using foam insulation, you can also try placing a section of batt insulation inside of a waterproof bag.

Professional Attic Insulation Services in Woodstock

Knowing how to find air leaks in the attic can make your life much easier, improving your comfort and energy savings. DIY projects can go wrong fast, so it never hurts to get in touch with professionals. Anthem Insulation & Home understands the problems caused by bad insulation and will work tirelessly to maximize your Woodstock attic’s energy efficiency. Get in touch today to discuss your attic insulation needs.

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