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Is Attic Insulation Toxic? What Woodstock Residents Should Know

is attic insulation toxic

Insulation helps properties increase their energy efficiency and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. However, some of the materials that insulation uses are harmful, leading many property owners to wonder, “Is attic insulation toxic?”

The trusted team at Anthem Insulation & Home is here to answer this question, as they are the best attic insulation company in Woodstock, Georgia, and the nearby areas.

Fiberglass Insulation Presents Various Health Concerns

Many property owners have fiberglass insulation in their homes or businesses, as the material is affordable, light, and offers a simple installation process. However, the material comes together and remains compact due to the harmful toxin formaldehyde. During attic insulation installation, a property owner is at risk of experiencing formaldehyde exposure and should wear protective gear and a respirator until the job is complete.

Health concerns with fiberglass include irritation to the skin, respiratory system, and eyes. Choosing a safer type of fiberglass that contains less formaldehyde and toxic solutions can help property owners protect themselves and others.

Damp Attics in Woodstock Homes Can Contain Mold and Mildew

Attics with hot and humid conditions may experience mold and mildew growth from the dampness. This problem can lead to increased allergies, illnesses, and gross, musty odors throughout a home.

Attic inspections and roof leak repairs are excellent ways to prevent the spread of mold. Having appropriate ventilation is also helpful for avoiding mold and mildew problems. Working with a trusted insulation professional is key to removing and addressing moldy ventilation.

Some Insulation May Leak Toxins Into the Air

Is attic insulation toxic? Unfortunately, many insulation materials release toxic fumes in a process called off-gassing. Besides the discussed dangers of formaldehyde, asbestos inhalation is also a serious concern. 

While newer homes shouldn’t contain insulation with these harmful toxins, older homes are definitely at risk of exposure. Replacing outdated insulation materials with safer, more effective solutions can decrease adverse health effects.

Pest Infestations Can Harm Insulation

Sometimes, small critters like bats, rats, squirrels, and rodents can take up residence in attic insulation. They may leave urine and droppings that make humans sick. Contacting a professional for immediate removal and cleanup can make the attic a safer and healthier place and show Woodstock homeowners whether or not they should replace their insulation.

Tackling the issue without a trained professional becomes much harder and dangerous. Homeowners might have an unwanted encounter with pests and potentially making the problem worse. Leaving the work to the experts ensures the insulation, attic, and property owner is safe.

Schedule Expert Attic Insulation Services With Anthem Insulation & Home in Woodstock, GA

Now that Anthem Insulation & Home has answered, “Is attic insulation toxic?” Georgia residents can also further explore their blog to learn the many benefits of attic insulation and other helpful insulation topics. Their team offers comprehensive insulation services in the Woodstock area.

If you’re interested in working with Anthem Insulation & Home in Woodstock, GA, connect with their trustworthy company today. You can call them or fill out their online form to schedule a service or insulation consultation appointment!

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