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Mold in Attic Insulation: Common Causes and Solutions

Attic insulation

If you venture into the attic and discover mold in attic insulation, your first question will likely be “Why?” followed by concerns about how it’s affecting your family’s health and how to address the problem. Anthem Insulation & Home, Woodstock’s insulation removal experts, has the answers you need. Keep reading to learn about the top causes of mold growth on attic insulation and what you can do about it. 

Why Mold Grows on Insulation

Any time you find mold inside your Woodstock home, it’s an indication of a moisture issue. Mold requires both moisture and a food source to grow. Although the spores don’t eat the insulation material, since most products resist mold thanks to borate treatment for fire resistance, attic insulation may have other materials, like paper backing, that feed mold growth.

Identifying the cause of mold in attic insulation requires finding and fixing the source of moisture. It could come from several sources:

  • Roof leaks. Any damage to your home’s roof could allow water inside the attic and encourage mold growth. 
  • Ice dams. While rare in Woodstock, a cold spell can cause ice buildup on the edge of the roof, allowing moisture to enter the attic. 
  • Condensation. During the winter, cold air from the lower levels of your home rises into the attic. When it hits cold surfaces, it can condense into water and encourage mold to spread in the insulation. 
  • Poor ducting. If the ducts in your kitchen and bathrooms direct moisture into the attic rather than outdoors, you can end up with a mold problem.

Signs Your Woodstock Property Has Mold in the Attic 

Unless you go into the attic regularly, you may not notice moisture and mold growth until it’s a significant issue. Unchecked mold can lead to structural damage to your Woodstock home, reduce energy efficiency as the insulation deteriorates, and cause health issues. Checking the attic periodically ensures you catch the issue quickly, but watch for additional signs of a problem, including:

  • Musty odors coming from the attic
  • Difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • Higher than expected energy bills
  • Signs of roof leaks, like water stains on the ceiling and walls
  • Increased allergy and asthma symptoms

Eliminating Mold from Your Attic 

If you discover mold on the insulation in your attic, the only solution is to remove and replace the affected insulation. Eliminating mold from insulation is virtually impossible, as applying mold-inhibiting products will only temporarily thwart growth. Identifying and eliminating the source of the moisture and then installing new insulation protects your home’s structural integrity and energy efficiency and prevents serious health issues due to toxic mold.   Anthem Insulation & Home is the Woodstock area’s leading insulation contractor, and their experienced and licensed team can help make your home safer and more comfortable with quality products and installation. To learn more about how we safely replace damaged or old insulation, check out the insulation removal guide and call them for help dealing with mold in attic insulation. 

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