New Insulation Technology To Watch Out For

new insulation technology

Professionals in the building industry constantly search for and invent new ways to create reliable air seals for homes and other buildings. As Woodstock attic insulation contractors, Anthem Insulation & Home get very excited about new insulation technology, and so should you. Newer technologies mean better energy efficiency and temperature control inside your home. 

Three New Insulation Technologies You Should Know About

Below, they discuss some new insulation products that are changing how the building industry thinks about insulation. Products like these can help you reduce energy bills and maintain a more consistent temperature inside your home. 

1. Insulated Siding

Energy efficiency programs like ENERGY STAR® have embraced a new idea that brings insulation material to the outside of the home. Insulated siding products include insulating foam on the backs of the vinyl panels to help prevent heat loss. 

2. Modified Atmosphere Insulation

Atmosphere insulation panels often contain many tiny bubbles of air, which provide the insulation. A new insulation technology sucks all the air from these small bubbles during manufacturing, creating an even more effective insulation material.

3. Vacuum Glass

Window manufacturers typically use argon and krypton gas to fill the spaces between glass panes and create an insulation layer. Newer glass technology has begun creating vacuums with no air between glass panes that are much closer together. This new technology has the potential to reduce heat loss through windows during the cold season significantly. 

Three More Excellent Insulation Products

If you want to make your home as energy efficient as possible and prevent heat loss during the winter, consider these other essential insulation products:

1. Insulated Garage Doors

If your garage shares walls with your house, you can reduce heat loss by installing an insulated garage door. Adding this extra insulation barrier can improve energy efficiency by up to 33%, so homeowners who want to turn their garages into bedrooms, dens, or other livable spaces often use insulated garage doors to keep their new rooms comfortable. 

2. Insulated Entry Doors

Thermal-resistant materials like polyurethane foam help keep heat in or out of an air-sealed space. Doors constructed using materials like these rather than standard wood provide much better insulation for your home.   

3. UV Resistant Paint

Many paint additive products help protect against radiant heat from the sun. When mixed with paint, these additives block a significant amount of UV radiation, lowering energy costs and expanding the life of exterior home materials. 

At Anthem Insulation & Home, they’re excited to see what new insulation technology comes out next. 

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