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What Does Asbestos Insulation Look Like in Old Houses?

what does asbestos insulation look like in old houses

From the early 1900s into the 1970s, houses and buildings used asbestos as a thermal and fire-retardant material for many purposes. From standing alone as wall insulation to existing within asbestos-containing material like window caulk and roofing medium, these substances are all around these historic homes. 

However, because these fibers are harmful to your health and the environment, it’s vital to understand “what does asbestos insulation look like in old houses?” At Anthem Insulation & Home, Woodstock’s insulation removal company, we know what each type of insulation looks like and whether it’s cause for concern. If so, our top-rated Woodstock, GA, team removes it for your family’s well-being.

Why Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos only becomes dangerous when exposed, usually from within unfinished attic walls, since it breaks loose and enters our breathing air. The fibers immediately damage the lung tissues, making them more susceptible to lung disease and cancer. The particles also travel through the body, contributing to colon cancer and numerous other ailments. 

What Different Forms Does Asbestos Take in Woodstock, GA?

Depending on the insulation location and appearance, you can tell “what does asbestos insulation look like in old houses?” and in what form you’re dealing with it. 

  • Spray foam asbestos insulation usually insulates the ceilings of commercial buildings. Contractors spray this thick gray or white material into wall and ceiling cavities while wet, allowing it to dry and expand to cover gaps.
  • Loose-fill insulation made from asbestos is less compact, taking a fluffy form that’s blown into attic walls. The loose material conforms to fill the uneven space, but the blue-gray asbestos fibers also break off, contaminating indoor air quality. 
  • Block asbestos insulation is the least dangerous asbestos type since it comes in a solid block or board form. That means it doesn’t release into the air easily, but once deteriorated, damaged, or sawn, the particles fly up and jeopardize your health.
  • Blanket asbestos insulation comprises flexible fibers like fiberglass packed into an off-white blanket or roll. While you find these asbestos rolls in unfinished walls, ceilings, and floors, contractors usually wrap them around plumbing pipes to reduce heat loss. 

Do You Have Asbestos in Your Woodstock, GA, Home? 

Asbestos becomes airborne in numerous ways, from recent popcorn ceiling or vinyl floor tile removals to cutting into drywall or pipe insulation. However, it’s difficult to tell whether you have asbestos, especially if you don’t know “what does asbestos insulation look like in old houses?” Check for water damage, tears, and other household defects and call for an expert inspection to limit the risk of exposure. 

Our Anthem, Your Household Protection!

Without the proper tools, it’s impossible to detect asbestos, especially since many products have a similar appearance. You need a qualified team to provide quality insulation and help it last its 80-year lifespan.

Do you wonder, “what does asbestos insulation look like in old houses?” or want to uncover signs that you need insulation removal in Woodstock, GA? Contact Anthem Insulation & Home and receive a free estimate today!

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